Don't Be Afraid To Get Out of the Box and Be Diffeent    The link attached shows some of my story.  I have been a victim of bullying since kindergarten, in one form or another.  In kindergarten I was groped by a boy, repeatedly, but when we reported it, my parents were told that there was nothing that could be done because an adult, or staff member, did not see it take place.  In fifth grade, my glasses were taken from my face and stepped on and twisted.  Again, the story was, because an adult or staff member did not see it, there was no proof.  I have been called fat, ugly, worthless, to just name a few of the ugly words thrown at me. 

The tip of the iceberg was last year, in 8th grade.  Our school has I-pads that are issued to all of the students.  A couple of boys took one of my Facebook photos and drew penises all over it, using the school issued I-pads.  Then these boys made the decision to show it around the school.  I told a teacher that I respected and trusted about it, but the response she gave me was that it was a public photo since I posted it on Facebook.  My parents stepped in, again, and called administration.  Administration agreed with my parents that this was against the policy of the school, and the issue was dealt with.  However, I was also talked to and made to feel that it was my fault, because if I am going to put myself on Facebook, I am asking for kids to do this to me.  I just couldn't handle being the one causing all of this.  So, I began hurting myself.  I took scissors and cut myself in places that my parents could  not see.  But, thankfully, they found out. 

I am now in counseling and trying to get things pulled together.  I truly feel that I have no self-esteem, and when people tell me good things about myself, I believe they are not true.  I am getting better, and know that with my friends and family I will get better.  I want to be able to help people stop bullying, and to do that, I must first help myself!



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