Do something! This is a poem I created.

Whats the one thing that people never fail to give? Attention, but more often than not what you hear always seems to be negative. Whats the point, and why do people care? People never fail to give whats unfair. But no matter how bad it hurts you never show your weakness, you don't want them to see you cry. But what you feel goes unnoticed until they read about how you died. Then everyone wants to talk about how great of a person they remember you for. But what do you tell their mom, the one who found them on the other side of the door? Do nyou tell her how sorry you are that she lost her child so young? Or do you confess and apologize for being apart of the ones who bullied her loved one?No one realizes how much damage their words can actually be. But for some reason its the 'loser' that takes their life because they are the ones who feel guilty. But you could have helped, you could have gave a helping hand, you didn't have to be like everyone else, you could have tried to understand. Their pain , you would have never had seen, you could have been the one person, a friend, you didn't have to be so mean.

             Lauren K, 4-20-2013

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