Honestly my middle school years were pretty great. That is except for my sixth grade year. 

I was just starting out in middle school. I had my three best friends to rely on. The beginning of the year went somewhat smoothly. Then came the middle of the year. I was in Social Studies doing my work. We had to sit in groups seeing how that was how the room was set up. One of the girls in my group started making fun of my appearance. At first I didn't think much of it. Then she started doing it more and more until I finally broke down and started crying. She just teased me more about crying, so I told my teacher what was going on. He moved me to another group thankfully. One other person in my group tried to tel her that was enough and I owe my thanks to him, but she just didn't listen. The other girl, however just sat there. 

Seventh grade was a little better. I had finally found my footing. The girl from last year became a nicer person as far as I could tell. I am not proud to say though I think I became a bully at one point. I think it's just too easy to cross the fine line of being bullied and being a bully yourself. Sometimes people don't even realize their doing it. Other times people do it because they think it's funny and they think it makes them "cool". I now know that none of this is true and i vow to stop bullying wherever I see it.

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