My name is Brandi Kochan.I've been bullied since First grade. I remember being excluded and always being chosen last for games. I had my head in a book all day trying to ignore the world while I tried to find what was wrong with me. 

In 5th grade I switched schools. There I was teased for not having the newest stuff and for hanging out with outcasts. In sixth grade, I finally found a friend. We hung out all the time and things got better. Then she moved away. I was devastated, but I had met other friends. I was one of those people who didn't realise how horrible the world was. 

It began again when Terrance called me a slut. It made no sense; I never wore skirts and I wasn't very fashionable. Then they called me other names and insulted me. Once at lunch, I said that I wanted to be a cheerleader the next year. Aden said that I wasn't pretty enough. All of of my greatest dreams were torn apart because every time I said anything about them, they said that I wasn't pretty enough.

This year, Terrance calls me names, says I'm fat, ugly,stupid not cool. Alia has said that I'm a horrible cheerleader, that I have no friends and that I'm ugly. She stops my friends from saying anything by saying, "Just Kidding." at the end each time. Several times Jeff,Aden,Aman and Terrance have said in unison to my face,"Go away. No one likes you."

I'm starting to believe it. I know I'm fat, I know I'm ugly, but I thought that maybe people could look inside and see the real me, instead of the outside.

I'm just a person. A person that hates to see people cry. That loves to give gifts. A person that cries when I watch sad shows. I love transformers, and twilight and my music. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I'm just a person like anyone else. I have my weaknesses. One day I'll snap. I'll break down and cry. Maybe one day they'll see that. 

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