Defender of the Bullied

In my High School years and in fact all my life I have been the defender of the bullied! I hate to see & feel the sorrow, pain, guilt and condemnation of people being bullied. I have to stand up for them. I know that each person was created for a  purpose and a reason and NO BODY is a reject! God saw that person in His mind and He said "Wow I love them" so He created them. I like to say it like this. Pretend you are a clothing designer, you see this beautiful, cool outfit that you know everyone will want- so you create it. That is how God made you. He saw you in His mind and He said, "I love them I will create them and everyone will be blessed by them" He loves you no matter what! No judging, you are always good enough, He loves you so much that He made a way for you to come back to Him as His kid by just accepting His love gift of Jesus.... thats it.... no doing, or being good enough, do enough, just accepting His love gift. HE cleans you up so good that He comes and lives inside you to guide you, love you, protect you and give you wisdom!How cool is that!! I love you and Father God loves you.. need prayer leave me a message or check out my blog and my new one I am still working on

Robin Bremer Author and Creator of "The Biggest Bully" Project

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