Daniel Coleman: My Story on What Happened When I Was Bullied

Hello, My name is Daniel Coleman. I am an 8th grader at Benjamin Tasker Middle School.  

Last year I was bullied for almost 6 weeks. I asked a teacher for help several times. She told me that bullying was a part of life and I needed to work it out. She threatened to put me out of the class if I asked for help again.  For 6 weeks I had headaches and stomachaches every day. My grades dropped and I was having bad thoughts about myself.


Every day kids just like me go through the same thing. They need help just like I did. With help from my mom, my awesome principal Mrs. Johnson and my counselor Mrs. Jones I started a campaign at my school to stop bullying. I decided that if I could help even one other student who is being bullied or one teacher understand the warning sign, then maybe they can each help someone else. If we could each reach out and help one person we could make a difference.  

 I have been told that people admire what I’m doing, that I’m a good citizen and   I should be proud of myself. Governor Hogan told me that I’m a hero.  The truth is that I am not a hero, I am just Daniel and my work is not done.  Bullying takes place in every school. Students and Teachers need our help.  

 Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Life's most persistent and urgent question is “what are you doing for others?" I believe that by continuing to work to stop bullying I am helping others when they need it most.

  My short term goal is to bring my program next year to more schools in Bowie. My long term goal is to bring my program to every school in Bowie before I start college. I hope to inspire other students in different schools to help their friends and peers put a stop to bullying. I can’t do it alone. 

 I have to admit that I don't like public speaking. I don't really like having my picture taken or talking with reporters, but I have done all of these things because they are necessary to make sure that people understand that we need to Stand Up and Reach Out to help others. I put aside my fears. With my mom and step-dad's help I spoke with with Principal and Counselor as well as the PTSO at my school. I spoke at City Hall where I live to PTSO and PTA leaders from other schools as well as representatives from City Hall and the School Board. I even spoke with local reporters. Last week I spoke in front of the entire county council for Prince George's County in Maryland. I asked them to help me to start programs in other schools the way I did in mine.  I was kind of nervous when I went to talk with people, especially my County Council. I did not think they would understand or want to help, but they do!

Dr.  King also said "Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter." Putting a stop to bullying matters.  I have a friend who wanted to commit suicide because of bullying.  I am glad that he was there for the assemblies I put together at my school. I am glad he heard that there is hope and help. I am glad that he is still with me as my friend today. President Theodore Roosevelt said "Knowing what's right does not mean much unless you do what’s right". By starting an anti-bullying campaign to help my friends and by finding the courage within me to ask others for help, I am doing what's right. I want to know are you doing all you can to Reach Out and Help Others?  


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