Cyber Bullying

April 26, 2014

Hey it's Melissa but just call me Mel,

It's been 9 days since I've been on here but I've been writing in my notebook i keep and I've bee crying because lately i have been getting bullied on the internet again and listening to sad music because of Cyber bullying. It's not fair people around the world getting picked on from other people around the world not only does it hurt others it's slowly killing here is the story

I post one thing about cutting and i stand up for my friend who is getting bullied for cutting but i took the bullying off of her back and now it's on my back and it's bull crap i'm like are you freaking kidding me those freaking bully's are coming after me now and now (please excuse my langue) I'm a attention whore and everything. I'm like it's not like they don't know what i go through and they judge me for posting my life i'm like so what if i post one thing that happened to but YOU can post your life but I CAN'T?! Like Wtf is wrong with people, Oh they can post their life but i cant post one picture defending my friends and one that say's what i'm going through like seriously, It's like oh ok mother, but really you can curse them out like i did but then got the living crap beaten out of me. Yes i'm a girl but they were boys who beat me but sadly i'm use to it i'm on the same road to the mental hospital again. Why? You may ask is because i have scars on my neck from almost committing suicide but i almost did it again last night, my friend was in a car accident and her legs were crushed and a piece of glass penetrated above her heart, my great grandmother died and my dad has cancer. It's just not fair, all i wanna do is disappear and never come back it's not like anyone would notice i was gone and stuff it is just logic my friend, I may died but no one will really care in the end ; - ;

That's what happen to me and when i get cyber bullied, please can anyone help me by giving some advice please. 

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