Cyber-Bullied for a Couple of Years

Hello, I'm Elizabeth. I'm 16 years old.
Well, like any other child, I had created that one Myspace thing.I was indeed in 5th grade while Myspace was "huge". My cousin created one for me. I wasn't really into it but I thought "Hey why not?", for a couple of weeks it was all good, and i had some of my friends added as friends. Noo big deal, it was ok and the time went on. I would get on to play more games than to chat with anyone because come on why would i chat with people i see everyday. Till one day these girls decided it would be funny to make fake profiles of "famous" people and to add me. I didn't accept at all, but they were able to message me. They said rude stuff. They called me "ugly" "fat" and they spread around the school that I "stink". They acted like my "friends" in school, but i knew they were the worst of people. They would tell everyone things about me that i didnt even know about me. It made me cry. I would go home wanting to end my life. I WAS IN THE 5TH GRADE! I shouldn't be thinking things like that, but they made me think that way. First "boyfriend" came around and he would do the same, except he would use his real profile and say the meanest things to me when he broke up with me. I was still in the 5th grade. I couldn't take it anymore. So, I resorted to self-harm. Young and hurting myself. They kept cyber-bullying me with no problem. They laughed and laughed. It went on for two to three years. I deleted Myspace and tried not to think of it. Either way i still thought of it. I hated myself. I really did. I still do. I had hard time making friends after that. I became antisocial and socially awkward. People have to come talk to me if they want to be friends, but i didn't trust them easily. Not to mention my brother adds to the problem. He says im going to be a disappointment to the family. He reminds me of my suicidal mind when he gets the chance. I'm surprised i still am here. I have home problems as well but im not going to get into that.
I'm now in high school. Now, I'm scared to keep Facebook because a few months ago i got cyber-bullied once again. I log on and avoid messaging anyone or accepting anyone. Now i have big trust issues. I push people away. The girls who started it, I see everyday in high school. They still talk bad about me, and act like i still don't know they cyber-bullied me. I can never forgive them, ever. They broke me down and now I'm losing friends for being insecure and pushing people away. I feel terrible, but i cannot mend friendships.

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