City Girl to Small Town

In middle school I moved from a big city to a small town. Everyone there had their group of friends. No one really wanted anything to do with me. Kids would talk to me, but I never felt a connection. I felt like they associated with me because the had to. No one was really a friend. I didn't get time outside of school to spend time with anyone. I felt so alone. My parents worked full time jobs and I never got to see them. Then I was made fun of for having long hair. Then I was "too fat" to have friends. It was terrible. I felt (and sometimes still feel even though I'm engaged and loved) that I was a nobody, that I don't deserve anything. That no body cared. That I wasn't loved. Case in point: I was suicidal. Why what did I do to be bullied and picked on mentally and emotionally everyday? It was a rough time. I managed to make one friend, and someone tried to swoop her up. I was told that sorry, you can't be friends with her anymore, you have no one...

But through plenty of prayers, that all changed. 

I have recently been blessed with an amazing fiance who loves me to the moon and back - he's helped a lot with my self esteem issues after growing up bullied. Shout out to all of you reading this, you are beautiful. You are worth it. You are loved. I love you. More than you can ever fathom.  Don't give up. You can only go up from here. Now lets kick butt and end bullying!

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