Churubusco is a town full of arrogant and presumptuous hypocrites.

Our three children attended Smith-Green Community Schools until I took over the schooling for them at home where I knew they were safe. 
My oldest had been bullied from first grade until she finished seventh grade.  The bullying escalated in middle school to the point where she was shoved into walls, pushed into lockers, and tormented not only by her classmates on a daily basis, but the physical education instructors!  In spite of all of this, she was on honor roll in sixth grade.  By the end of the seventh grade, she was barely passing.  I talked with the middle school principal about taking her out of school and why I was compelled to do so.  He was able to name the majority of her bullies without my prompting him.  I mentioned that even with my meager bachelor's degree I could do at least as good of a job teaching as his teachers had, and I would know my child was safe. He suggested a home schooling program and empathized with my daughter's situation.  As I was leaving with my little girl, Kim Burns, a guidance counselor for the middle school approached me.  She wanted to know what my intentions were.  When I responded, she told me I could not remove my daughter from public school and would not be allowed to home school my child!  How absolutely ignorant! It was at that point that I decided that any school system that employs this level of incompetence in the guidance department couldn't possibly have any of my children's best interest at heart.

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