Chapter: Middle - High School (short version)

After Elementary school I was exposed to an entirely different schooling experience. In Elementary school I was friends with everyone and enjoyed school. However things changed the moment I entered Middle School. I went from public school to a private Christian school. And let me tell you, kids were very far from Christian. I was picked on the moment I entered the school for being different. I didn't come from a affluent home but rather a home where both mom and dad worked to put food on the table a shelter over our heads and put pennies together for a better education via private school. These kids came from a money background and anyone without it was cast to the side and ignored and shunned like the Amish. Once my grades plummeted my parents pulled me from the school and I went back to public school and the other type of bullying began; physical.

See before in private school it was mental and emotional but this was different now. Now I was in a school where physical bullying was the thing. It didn't help either that I was the "only" white kid in all my classes and I'm not exaggerating. In this school I experienced being punched in lunch as kids walked by, a knife put to my throat and being told "I hate white people". Everyday I just tried to be a chameleon and blend into the surroundings so not to be seen. Then one day it all changed. I was pushed to far and I ended up lashing out with revenge. The next kid that messed with me I threw through a school window (closed). At this time my parents decided I had to be moved yet again.

From there I went to a school where it was a good mix of races and you'd think ok this is a good start... Wrong again, white kids shunned me now because I was different then them. They would call me names and act as if I didn't even exist. After the middle school bonanza I went into high school where mom fought to have me placed in a TAG school. This was by far the best school as bullying didn't really exist for me. I mean I was bullied walking to and from school by local wanna be thugs and occasionally beat up for absolutely no reason other than to do it. And when I say beat up I mean 3 guys jumping me that are no longer in high school just for the fun of it.

For me this was a very tough childhood that made it tough for me to trust people and be me. To end on a bright note though without me continuing to write as I could go on for pages and pages more. I see people for people and who they really are within themselves. Your actions speak so loud I can't hear what your saying. And at the end of the day love wins all.

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