Cancer and Friendless

When I was in year 9 my only and closest Aunty got cancer. She was extremely unwell and underwent many operations. I lived in a different state to her and left my life to move states with my single mum to look after her. Day after day we would visit the hospital and take care of her, everyday we would have no idea what we would find or how she would be. Soon the time came for me to enter year 9 and begin at a new school. I went to that school for four days. 

On the first day I was optimistic, happy and ready, acknowledging that it would be hard but I was willing to try. The other kids refused to talk to me. The teachers told me off when I was late to class, but no one was willing to show me where to go. That was the first day. 

On the second girl one girl talked to me, she seemed really nice and told me to hang with her at lunch, she gave me directions of where to find her. At lunch I followed her directions and found myself in a deserted alleyway in the middle of nowhere, with no one. 

On the third day I came to school and everyone looked at me like I was insane. I asked a girl later what was happening, why everyone was treating me so strangely. She told me that another new girl had spread to the school that I was mentally disabled and clinically insane. I am not. 

By the fourth day everyone refused to talk to me. I physically couldn't talk to them. For four days straight I had been such a nervous reck that I couldn't eat or speak. If I tried to talk I would instantly break down into tears. 

I left that school, after not receiving any help from the teachers. 


Two terms later I returned to play against the school in a netball match. Everyone gathered around the court and taunted my name. The girls stuck out their feet as I ran past to trip me over. People asked me if I had taken my medication. They called me insane. 


It is not okay for our generation to be so heartless and cruel with no reason. It is disgraceful and I hope that in the future we can work together to rid this absolute ignorance and disregard for the well being of others.

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