My wife and I have watched the Bully Documentary twice in a row. My wife and I are 30 and we are both social workers and I am an EMT as well, but we have both been mentally ill from a young age and we both experienced traumatic bullying and even been told by doctors that we would never do the things other people do, but we have used our experiences as strengths. We both felt alone separate like we were from a different planet and like every one else spoke a different language and we felt like the bullying would never end, but when we finished high school and made it to collage every thing changed so to any one reading this who is going through something like this try to remember that this too will pass! No matter how low you are this is is temporary hold on to your family and friends because some day people will recognize you for the beautiful butterfly you are a psych nurse once told me pain ts temporary but death is forever so be strong and tell people what is going on and ask for help. My wife and I now work with people with developmental disabilities and I am an EMT and we are now able to be there for other people who are struggling. Use your pain as your strength. To those in the documentary we will be trying to contact you guys and Let you know how amazing and smart and brave you all are and to those not with us we wish you all the peace and Love you deserve!!!

Please check out NAMI for info on mental health issues especially suicide and feel free to contact my wife and I at:

[email protected]

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