Bullys in two different ways

Hi I am a 7th grade girl. I have been bullied many times because my difference in height and weight. I have also been bullied because I have larger feet than anyone in the school.  I would be called hurtful names like baby sasquatch, bigfoot, elephant legs etc.  It may not seem like it to them because I try to hide it as best as possible, but it hurts me.  The first time I ever started crying by being bullied was when my friends told me they heard a group of my eighth grade friends calling be names like elephant legs. I don't know if it was the feeling of it being my eighth grade friends or the names they were calling me.  It made me very happy when my friends came and supported me.  They made me feel so much better.  Thank you guys so much! <3


Although there has been many times I have been bullied I cant say I have never bullied anyone.  a couple of times i was being the bully by trying to make my friends feel better.  I know it sound weird but its true.  when ever my friends would be bullied or some one would hurt them I would always say like "oh they are not good people" or like "they don't even know what being nice is." It made me feel bad but I want my friends to be happy so i just tried not to think about it.  

Those are the times I have been bullied and when I have bullied someone else.  :)/:(

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