Bullying Sucks!

I remember being bullied in both middle school and high school.  It was not fun especially since I was socially awkward and shy.  I didn't have very many friends, but I still didn't deserve to be bullied.  In middle school, I remember being teased repeatedly by other students for no reason.  I also remember being stabbed in both legs by a male student in math class just because I decided to wear shorts on a hot day and I still have some pencil lead in both legs.  I remember waiting for a school assembly to start and all of a sudden feeling this warm sensation on my back.  I felt someone slap me really hard on the back and when I turned around I saw that it was a friend of mine who was a grade ahead of me.  I said hi to her and she leaned over and whispered in my ear that another student had lit my hair on fire, but she had slapped it out before it could cause any damage.  I immediately started looking for the guy, but my friend told me that he had left.

In high school, I remember more verbal teasing for no reason, but I was also shoved into lockers and down flights of stairs.  When I was a senior, I remember taking a break from a walk with some friends during free day in weight training class, when this 10th grader got angry that his buddy wasn't in school that day to play floor hockey with him so he slapped the plastic floor hockey puck at me and it hit me in the forehead which caused my glasses to fall off and me to have a red welt for 2 weeks.  One of my friends reported it to the teacher and the kid was suspended for like a week or two.  This all caused me to develop depression and anxiety and have a very angry personality.  I eventually was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2003.

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