Bullying on BGC

Hello my name is Raquel Santiago and I am 22 years old.

When it comes to BULLYING my experience was nationwide on TV with over 1 million viewers. It was a horrible experience but my motto in life is to never let someone take my smile away because i had it taken from me before. so what i chose to do was to stand up, to stand up for myself and what i believe in. I got food and alcohol dumped on me while other girls just sat there and watched, while the camera men are staring at me with their cameras glued to their fingers, while security sat there watching with no expression while production could only think of how much bigger their paychecks are gonna be.. they didn't care, they didn't care about how it can damage someone its perfect for TV more ratings more $$. if that was their daughter they would of stopped it but they didn't. it was torture!!!!!! 5 minutes of that, im surprised i had so much self control, cuz i wanted to get up and knock her out but thats what she wanted me to do, she wanted me to fight. but I handled it good, i didn't let her break me, i kept my cool even though the alcohol was blinding me to a point i couldn't see anything, she is pulling my hair but i don't fight back i just push her away and tell her to stop, she throws my mattress in the pool so now i have nowhere to lay my head at night, and i said "thanks".. she comes back and pulls at my bathing suit so that my breasts would show mind you there were many people around and don't forget with the world watching, but i said "well at least my titties are nice" then the girl just gave up (for that night) pretty much because she couldn't do anything to break me. she would do anything in her power to take my smile from me but i refused to give her or anyone that power. after that i would get attacked physically and verbally until the day it was all over. When it comes to defeating bullies i kill them with kindness!!!! point being, i stand up for myself i fight back and i am here to be a voice for the ones who don't have one. i want to make a change.


XOXO Raquel

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