BULLYING is not an option

when i was in 6th grade i was a bit chubby so this guy in my class thought it was funny to tell me i was "a fat ass  or "to big" i never took it to seriously. that was until i started to doubt myself and think maybe those people are right. i used to think maybe i was fat and that's why no one liked me, i had a lot of friends i just thought maybe they think im fat to. instead of ignore those people and telling myself im not fat i over analyzed it and i actually thought i was.

after 6th grade ended i started seventh grade the next year. at the beginning of the year i didn't have any problems that is until one of my teachers moved me to a new seat in front of this mean 'popular'. i had trouble in that one class so would try to ask questions and that girl would say "why are you asking questions whats the point" she would also tell i was : stupid, mean, ugly, weird, dumb, a bitch, and a lot of other mean words. i had a lot of other classes with her so whenever she got the chance she would tell me all that mean stuff and when i would tell her to be quiet or to stop my teachers would get mad at me for talking. i never told my teachers what she was doing because they would hear her say all that mean stuff and they never did anything. some days i wouldn't want to go to school because of all that teasing, and i never told my mom because she never listened to me about it. when i would go to school and she wasn't there i relieved that she wasn't there to tell me things. once the year passed by and it came to an end i started changing and stretching and getting skinnier and i started to feel better about myself. i knew that i wasn't fat or stupid, mean, or ugly. i knew that when i was chubby it was just a phase, it was just baby fat and i knew that i wasn't stupid or ugly yet somehow those people who teased me thought it was okay but i wasn't. BULLYING IS NOT AN OPTION AND ITS NOT OKAY TO HURT SOMEONES ELSE JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER THAT THEM. 

If you see someone being bullied speak up, or if its you don't keep it to yourself tell someone about it and if they don't listen keep speaking up don't give up.

this was two years ago and now im a freshman in high-school and im an outspoken person and i absolutely don't like people who bully other people. i speak up for those who cant i am determined to make sure that bully comes to an end. i don't think other people should have to go through this or anything like this. 

this is my story and experience from bullying. BULLYING IS NOT AN OPTION. SPEAK UP

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