Bullying is Everywhere

I see bullying happen everyday. I see it when I work as an Aide in the playgrounds, or in the classrooms, and I make sure I stand up for the kids because I was once bullied myself. The first time I was bullied it was in elementary school, I was always teased about my glasses, my height, but i never let it get to me. I always thought, "they are just teasing you, just smile and act like you don't know what they are trying to do to you." Well I was wrong. I started having problems with one boy in my school, he wasn't in any of my classes, but we both went to the same after school program. One day he snapped at me while I was playing with my best friend and he began to choke me. Thankfully something was done. I never saw the kid again in the school or in my life. I had a friend who stood up and told someone I was being endangered. My parents were glad I was okay. Then the bullying just stopped after that, but ONLY in Elementary school.

Once I started middle school things changed. To me it was my roughest year. I moved from school to school and town to town. I didn't mind. I made friends quickly, but I never really had a bond with them. In sixth and seventh grade I would say was a nightmare. I hated the school's I attended. I had a group of girls bully me for my looks and called me horrible names that I do not wish to repeat. I was once called a lesbian even though I am not. I am straight I just happen to be very shy with guys around me and a little scarred from boys bullying me as well. I also had someone steal from twice. All from the same girl I had never meet, but claimed to hate my guts and everything about me. I got bullied also for being a friend to someone everyone did not like. After 7th grade things dimmed down, and I moved to a better city, and school. From then on I was never bullied again. I made great friends at my high school and till this day they are considered my best friends. They are the ones that help us stand up for ourselves, and give us courage. My dream is to become a teacher that is caring, kind, loving, and fair to all of my future students. There is only one thing that I can not stand, and that is bullying. It is not okay to harm anyone in anyway. I'm glad someone made this movie. I know I'll fight to stop bullying. I have been for many years, and I will continue doing so.

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