Bullying Doesn't Have a Minimum Age Requirement

My son is quirky, sensitive, and above all else the sweetest, silliest, most loving little boy you will ever meet.

So when he started coming home from kindergarten angry, in tears and defiant, I could not figure out what was happening.

One night as I was reading with him, he told me a story about a little boy who was choked, punched and hated at school.   He sobbed as he told me the story.  Then he said, "That mean kid is ruining my life."

My heart was broken.  When I realized that this was not just one of his imaginary stories he was telling me. 

This was real.

I have fought along side his teachers everyday to protect my son, but when I felt the teachers could do no more to stop the bully, I sought help from our Principal.   She took notes, acted concerned and promised to call me back with a plan and solution in twenty-four hours.  

Twenty four hours later, she had not called me back.  In fact, she waited more than a week to call me back.  Meanwhile, my son had been shoved, belittled and destroyed on a daily basis.   

The Vice Principal took note of the urgency of this issue when I sat myself down in the school office and told them I was not leaving until the Principal met with me again.   I explained I had all day to wait, because my child is the most important thing in my life.

The principal hid in her office and the Vice Principal met with me and heard my son's story from his own mouth.

She cared.  She helped.   But I am still so saddened that the leader of the school showed such indifference.

It is never okay to be a bully.   Kindergarten bullies get away with a lot because people say they are young, they are still learning how to socialize.   They get endless chances. 

And unfortunately, our fantastic kindergarten teachers are given limited power.   Without parental and administrative support, our teachers are just as alone as our kids.

This is not okay with me.  My son doesn't deserve to be someone's lesson and neither does any other child.  He doesn't deserve to be a punching bag.  He deserves to go to school safe and happy.  

I am a mama bear on a mission.....I am taking a stand now.

And I am inviting my community to follow me.

We must not allow age, race, gender, or any other reason to be an excuse for bullying. 

It is time we change the culture of how we approach bullying.  

I am ready to spark that change!


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