Bullying - A Childhood Issue, Or So I Thought

I was bullied when I was a child. I was small, smart, and had curly, frizzy hair. I look back and see I was a prime target. I changed schools once due to bullying. I had been verbally bullied or teased and physically bullied. I never understood what I did for them to treat me like that. I made it out with the help of my family and close friends. I thought that by the time I was done with elementary school, I would never see bullying again. 

I was wrong.

About a year and a half ago, I started to encounter bullying in college. This bully of mine was unlike any bully from elementary school; she was smart, devious, ad manipulative. She used her position as an officer to get me kicked out of the club I loved. Over time, she convinced my so-called friends at the time to not hang out with me. When there were parties or get-togethers, I was told by a close friend that my bully didn't want me invited. She lied and would cover up her tracks, but deep down inside I knew it was because she hated me. I was so upset dealing with all of the drama going on as a result of her that I resigned my own position as an officer and eventually left. I tried for a long time to continue to be a part of the club I loved so much, but time after time I was beat down by her attempts to exclude me from being involved in anything. Then, she had the nerve to tell the professor of the group that I was the one starting all the drama. I had nowhere to go. My so-called friends were now her friends and would never tell the truth in order to protect her and themselves. I cried a lot. I went through friends quickly because everyone would rather be in the clique than do what's right. She eventually left to another college, but she is still talking crap about me and telling people not to hangout with me.

I'm a very strong person now. I don't take anyone's crap. Not even hers. But I dealt with so much before I learned how to really handle it. 

Bullying can happen to anyone at any time. And if you haven't experienced it, it is the worst feeling in the world. It feels like the ground underneath your very feet is crumbling into nothing until you really have nothing left to stand on.

Here's to being 20 and barely learning how to truly beat bullying.

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