What's in your Educators Kit?




Bully Theatrical DVD and DVD Extras

  • This PG-13 version of BULLY comes with English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired and Spanish subtitles.  
  • DVD Extras include “The BULLY Project at Work”, a special segment about how one school used the film and Toolkit to make a difference. We hope it inspires you!
  • In addition, the DVD Extras include deleted scenes and news reports on the impact of the film and the movement. 

BULLY for Younger Audiences

This special version of BULLY excludes mature themed topics that are not appropriate for audiences under 13, including storylines involving suicide. It is also shorter, with a run-time of only 47 minutes. We recommend educators preview both versions. 


Facing History and Ourselves “Guide to the Film BULLY”

This guide will prepare educators for discussion with student both before and after screening BULLY. It provides readings and activities specifically tied to stories and scenes in the film, and supports both the full-length PG 13 film and the version of BULLY for younger audiences . 


Facing History and Ourselves BULLY Workshop

Facing History and Ourselves has developed a self-paced online workshop to prepare you to use BULLY with faculty, students, and parents, featuring video clips, expert voices, and discussion boards where you can share your ideas and experiences with colleagues across the country.


Roadmap to Building a Caring and Respectful School Community

Developed in collaboration with the Making Caring Common Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this guide includes strategies shown to be effective in creating more positive social norms and cultures of caring. 


Youth Activation and School Community Guide

A collection of youth-centered group activities that educators can use to engage individuals, classes or entire schools.


Not In Our School Videos & Quick Start Guide

These videos show inspiring examples of how educators and students have worked together to improve school climate, identify bullying hot-spots and raise awareness to end negative stereotyping. Also included is a Quick Start Guide with lesson plans and discussion questions. 


Bullying and Special Needs

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has developed these tips for educators, specifically aimed at protecting kids with learning disabilities and other special needs. 


Common Sense Media on Cyberbullying

Lesson plans and tip sheets from our partner Common Sense Media about how to prevent cyberbullying before it happens, and respond adequately when it does. 


Welcoming Schools on “What to Say to That’s So Gay”

Welcoming Schools provides resources to help schools embrace family diversity, avoid gender stereotyping and end bullying and name-calling in elementary schools. 


Dry-Erase BULLY Classroom Poster

Beyond brightening up your classroom wall, this BULLY Poster includes an area for teachers and students to establish written classroom expectations about respect that will serve as a constant reminder for everyone. And, it’s dry-erase, so this can be done at the start of each new school year. 


Principal’s Pledge Poster

Principals play a huge role in setting the tone for school community. It’s important for students to know that school leadership is on their side. We’ve included a Principal’s Pledge wall-poster to be signed and displayed proudly for all to see  


BULLY Stickers


 License Details:

These BULLY Educational DVDs come with a public screening license for Educational Facilities, organizations servicing youth, and municipal, town or other governmental venues. All such exhibitions must include educational presentations and/or activities before and/or after the screening. No admission can be charged and this license excludes commercial theaters and College/University screenings outside of the classroom. This license extends only to the site for which it is purchased.

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