Bullies Respond to Strength

The only way to take a bully down is to stand up to them. It's in our hands to be proactive instead of reactive. I am a huge fan of Texas Ranger Walker. I am well versed in marshal arts so you may think it's easy for me to say this. It's not. I will tell you a story. When my parents first move me to this town I was in the 9th grade. The word got around on the street that I was the new Kid in town and that I knew karate. Well the schools' bully that most of the students were afraid of got wind of my presence.

As time carried on the bully avoided my path because the bully heard that I take them down one at a time like Texas Ranger Walker. Then one day it happened. One of my classmates' boyfriend asked me out. This classmate happen to be in partnership with the bully and they would consult from time to time on who they would bully next. Who do you think name came up on their list this day, yours truly. When I arrived to school the play ground was crowded with students. The bully was upfront and center blocking my entrance to class.

I asked what's going on? I need to get to class and you are blocking my path. The bully responded "if you step across this line," that was traced out on the ground, "you will be beaten senseless". Well little did the bully know that I had already figured out what the bully was going to get. I stepped across the line and stated to the bully "I only use my powers for good". I kept my senses.    

The bully was shocked and speechless because I stepped across the line. You may asked what was I thinking. I was thinking the bigger they are the harder they fall. The bully weighed up to 300 pounds and was using that fact to scare the students. I knew it wouldn't be easy for the bully to stand back up. So I stood up to the bully. It turns out I only needed to be strong in mind and not physically. The best way to say enough to a bully is to show them that you are strong in mind and fist fighting in their cases is a waist of your time.

The next day the students were chanting, "Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Who are you afraid of! and I would respond, "Only the Almighty Himself and nobody else"!

Today as a Christian I continue to take down spiritual bullies that think they can push and shove others around because they don't look or speak the same way they do. Bullies do respond to strength! Remember your training young grasshoppers and only use your youth for good. It will do you good for life. 

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