Bullied to expulsion

I have always been the weird kid, trying to fit in. They took the things they said as fun and games but deep down I was being hit with every single word and action. The one time I retaliate, they tell an administrator. This administrator didn't feel my reaction to them bullying me was appropriate and decided to expel me. I ended up going to an alternative school for the later half of my freshman year just because I was in the wrong place at the right time. Many teachers and friends that I have talked to have agreed that I was wrongfully accused. I've served my time while my bullies haven't. This is an issue not only in my school but others. Administrators aren't reporting incidents because it looks bad for the school and most of all it looks bad on them. Like they say boys will be boys, but when others are getting hurt because of it, it isn't right.


Thats my story, not a normal one, but it has given me issues while applying for jobs and other activities. I don't go a day without thinking how it will affect me again in the future. I fear this won't be the end.


Thats why am standing up against bullying...

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