Bullied For Everything

I have been being bullied for 9-11 years of my life for everything from being poor, what I look like, how I dress, for my health problems which I cant control, and so much more I went home every day from my kindergarten year, all the way to my soon to be 9 th grade year and I cry everyday even if I don't show it hurts me, everyone is bullying me I only have 4 main friends that support me and help me for 5 -5 1/2 years I had cut myself and done anything to harm myself cause I thought I wasn't good enough to be part of this world I was called fat, ugly, worthless, nobody, whore, slut, bitch, I was called the schools bitch any word people could think of to use to hurt me I am pushed into locker and just hurt daily but because of all that I tried suicide a total of 2 times both times failed I hurt so much I thought no one would care about me they and that they wouldn't notice if I was gone but and I still do but I never knew what to do I would self harm during school, on the bus, at home, where ever I was I was hurt myself and I was hurt everyday I lost many friends cause they started to bully me I felt so lost I didn't know how to handle it all I just wanted to give up. I faked a smile and faked everything and to this day I still fake being happy and I still hurt I never thought I would get bullied so bad to the point I would hurt and try and have thoughts of suicide a lot of the times I'm scared to be in school or even leave I'm afraid school isn't safe I never feel safe at school anymore but I'm little by little getting better. There is so much more to my story that I can not tell but never let anyone put you down cause YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

Never let people get you down you are who you are for a reason an that's what makes you special to the world and just remember someone out there loves you for you don't change who you are.

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