Bullied Emotionally

In my country, Indonesia, 7th grade is the first grade in junior high school. And when I was a 7th grader, I was emotionally bullied by my seniors. It wasn't just me, though, who was bullied, some of my friends were bullied too. They might not think that it's bullying, but it was a bullying, at least for me. I felt insecure and unsafe. I felt afraid of them. 

There was this senior who was very nice to me. But then, she turned out to be this very mean girl and I didn't know what I did wrong. I liked this guy, who was my senior, and I was tweeting about him (but I didn't mention his name). She (my senior, call her A) knew what I was talking about. And she tweeted me words that weren't very nice, in fact, it was very hurtful. I was scared and afraid. I cannot believed that this was happening. And then a friend of A retweeted her tweet. I became more and more scared.  A told some of her friends about it, and they were kinda mocking me but softly. But it was still very hurting to me. I cried and I felt very afraid. I cried so hard, then my friends told me to go to my counseling teacher. I told her what happened, she did not judge me and told me the solution. After that I felt calmer. I'm glad that I came to her. If I wasn't I didn't know what I'd be.

So 7th grade was kinda tough for me. And I'm in 8th grade now. I'm glad that those seniors who bullied me before have gone to senior high. Now, I don't feel afraid and scared of going to school anymore!

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