Bullied but never broken

It is no secret that being bullied has taken the lives of a number of people, especially young people. I myself even attempted suicide on a few occasions, luckily God was protecting me at those times. From my days as a kid in elementary school, I was always picked on because I acted what was perceived to be "different." I was sensitive, caring and compassionate to others and that was NOT normal and one particular student hated how I was. Gianni, a taller black kid who made it his mission to make my life a living nightmare both on campus AND off. From taking my lunch money to pushing me off my bike on my way home, Gianni tried to get me to react to him. But I never gave him the satisfaction because I had so much anger inside of me from when I was physically abused as a toddler. If I let it go and retaliated against Gianny, I could have killed him. So instead of lashing out, my mom and dad enrolled me at Fred Vallari's school of Martial Arts, where I would go five days a week after school and eventually, become an assistant instructor as a late kid/early teen. It taught me discipline, control, focus and determination.

Same pattern followed me into Junior High and High School. I was seen as a "freak" because I acted so differently. Teammates from the football team would bully me in the locker room, on the basketball courts during PE class and of course the vicious rumors that were spread did not help my case either. I spent most of my lunches playing poker with another person who was outcasted by the school and then later we played poker with a History teacher (for NO money of course). Even in my adulthood I continue to be bullied because I am such a caring, compassionate, honest person whose integrity is 100% intact because I want it to be that way. I am told every day I leave and travel on public transport to "Go kill myself." Women and children point and make fun at me, to the point where now I am weary of leaving my own apartment. But I still go out when I must, to pay rent, get groceries, etc... but all the events have caused long lasting damage that is always in repair.

I continue to be who I am not just for myself but to protect and keep the legacy of my adoptive parents alive and well, to make them proud of the son they raised me to be.

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