Blessings are our children!

My family lives in small town in Indiana, both my children are bullied everyday. My oldest is 14 she's in middle school my youngest is 9 and in 3rd grade. Both have been physically harmed by other students and suffer verbal and emotional abuse. This not just in school but on the bus as well. I have fought with the school for something anything to happen to make it stop. I have called local law enforcement. And to this day I have yet to see anything done. It does not stop. I watched the movie and my heart is breaking for all the families and children effected by death and by bullying occuring. It is sick that the assistant principle in the movie and principle are the very kinds of people we deal with in our school system. I was outraged by the things I was seeing and hearing in the movie to the point I was shouting and crying. This isn't about me it is about it is about my children and your children. I want change the anti-bully policies at our schools I think were only put in place to cover the schools liability not to be enforced. Just one parents thoughts! Blessed be the lost angels and the ones who are still enduring!


~ Mother of Tatum and Ethan

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