It all started because of my Friend. She came into me skyping with my best friend (who was also the most popular person in my school.) she came in almost jokingly and stared staying "Rey's a lesbian Rey's a lesbian." It was true, I am. She was the first I told, and I had trusted her with my life. Not anymore. My friend hung up with me almost instantly, and she wouldn't answer my texts or calls.

The next day I walked into school and almost instantly someone shoved me into the wall and said, "you're not welcomed here, faggot." My heart just dropped. I walked into gym the next day and when I was changing people threw tampons at me. I walked up to the library and my ex-friend and her group pushed me down the stairs and said, "don't let the emo fag near us!"   

My parent's noticed the bruises and didn't say anything. I liked soccer, so I usually came home with new bruises.  I was walking to school the next day and the ex-friend pushed me to the ground and started kicking me while laughing and said, "I'm killing your sins." The people walking by just stared and laughed. 

I started cutting and my facebook page started being flooded with comments like, Bitch and slut and fag and whore and cunt. The worst was from the ex-friend, and it said go hang yourself. 

So I tried.

My mom walked in and stopped me, but she called 911 and my sister looked at my still running facebook page. She was crying and so was my mom.

I walked into school the next week. My ex-friend approached me and said, "aww, too bad you failed at death. You're just a failure to life." I just stayed silent and the group just walked past me. After school that day, things got worse. I talked to my teacher about it and she just got a disgusted look on her face like she hated me. It seemed like every person in the world hated me right now, and I hated myself, too. 

Every time I looked in a mirror I saw something that looked like it should not belong in this world. I finally told my mom what was going on. She went to the principle that suspended the girls, but they came back and just acted worse. Tripping me then stomping on my back, pushing me into walls and slamming my head into lockers. 

Then one of the girls moms stepped in. She said she didn't want me around her daughter. She said I was the bad influence. Se also said that if I tried anything with her daughter she was calling the cops. I couldn't take it anymore. I made my mom switch me to a different school. I took down my facebook. They won. They still texted me, telling me they are going to burn me and i'm going to rot in hell. So I threw my phone away.

This is still going on and they still find ways to contact me, to threaten me. But I took care of it, and I ignore it. I have friends that don't judge me on what sex I like, and I still get bullied at my new school but almost 95% less bad then it was at my old school. 

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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.