Best friend to bully

i had a great elementry school experiance and who i went to in the elem traveled with me to the middle school for the most part anyway. 

I knew my best friend from 1st grade okay so thats 7 years iv known her, We hung out every day at school, we did all our projects together and i basiclly lived at her house. But over the summer i was so busy i diddnt get a chance to talk to her for longer than 10 minuites and then i had to go. But when school started we hung out less and less and then not at all. And after that i noticed people started to ignore me and look down there noses at me. I diddnt know why so when i go home i check my facebook relizing i havnt been on in a week and i saw that my so called best friend was telling everyone i was a stupid hoe and that if i were to die know one would care. I cried all night, the next day i went to school and i tryed to talk to her but she treted me like i was dirt. And then she was telling everyone that I was just an out right whore and anyone that i talked to will be kiked out of there little group.Almost the whole year went by that she was doing this and i did nothing. the school year was almost over so the night after i was tierd of that girl so i decided i was gonna delete my facebook and i did and after that i tuffed out the rest of the year and i told my mom everything and she told me its not what they call you that matters its what you respond to that matters. The next year i saw that she has changed schools and everyone had forgotten i guess about what had happened but i still knew and after i figured out that know one is gonna bring up these bad things i relaxed and i diddnt really think about it after that.

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