Best friend can be bullies to

Hey Guys,

i was bullied 9 to 10th grade, when i was in 9th grade my friend spread around school that i was lesbian and i had people make fun of me then one day she came up to me and push me against the wall and punch me a couple of time at my stomach i pushed her into the wall to get away i did go to the office and she did get in trouble but she kept on hitting me and saying it was an accident once she hit me with a water bottle on my chin and made a bruise. so i moved schools i was sitting in class when a new student came in i was so nice to her welcomed her in are class and everything we quickly became friends. a couple of months in the school year i was hearing thing about me and people always told that she said it. Then one day i moved i sat with my other friends and she came there and took my phone she need my password and she went to my friends table and said "wow i'm surprise she hasn't sleep with him" i didn't know about it till my friend told me. i hear more thing and that she wanted to fight me. all i did is try to ignore it but it went on for a long time so one day i went to the office sat down with one of them and told them everything they then sat me and her down and talked thing out. she still said i stared everything making me look like the bully but they know i never said anything about her. all i have to say is keep your head up and let the haters hate. stay strong and go tell somebody that your being bullied


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