Being different is ok

All through grade school I was bullied for being Asian.  I was literally the only asian kid in my grade.  This girl even called me names like "flat face" and "flat Stanley" because she said my face was flat and ugly.  She often called me different racial slurs and made fun of me.  The worst part of it all was the fact that I was alone.  Sure I had a few friends, but when she picked on me I was alone.  And if they were there they would just say "go away" and she wouldn't listen.  She would just ask why they were defending such a loser.  It finally got so bad I told my parents and they called the school, but my principal refused to do anything.  She said punishing my bully would lead to nothing, so in the end, my bully was let off the hook with a warning and what not.

this happened for years and no one did anything. In school we literally said a pledge saying not to bully others and to tell teachers and I did. But nothing was done. My parents were getting concerned,but thank God I graduated and moved on with my life. In high school it was a whole different story. Everyone was so nice. We’re all a big family and I can feel the love. Sure I may be different, but now I’ve learned it’s ok. So I’m Korean, so what? I’m different and that’s completely fine. So everyone who is a victim, stay strong. You may be different, but embrace it. forget the bullies. Honestly, they’re probably just jealous because you’re so amazing. Always remember, you’re amazing and perfect just the way you are. Don’t let anyone say otherwise.

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