Being Different

I've been bully since first grade till fourth grade. I didn't really have any close friends. They always judge me because of how I speak and my looks. I had one friend in kindergarten, but she moved away. So the kids in school would make fun of me, push me around, hit me, also cyber bully me too. I didn't really care about them and their stupid comments, but I threaded the idea of going to school every morning. 

"You're an idiot." 

"You're stupid."

"God made a mistake of making you come to life."

"Get a life."

Those was what I kept hearing from the kids in school when I was bully. I tried to push all of that away...but sometimes it gets to me. After fourth grade, my mom made me move to a new school, which made me a little terrified. 

"What happen if they don't like me?"

"What happen if they're like the kids in my old school?"

Those were the thoughts that I had, but I was pretty glad I move. I met a friend that was royal and never think of me as different. From that, had I gotten over bullying. I know that it's just a fresh start. Sometimes, I was still made-fun-of and push around, but I would always laugh at it and sometimes I would try to help others to get over bullying. I really didn't want other kids to go through what I had. I've been through bullying for five years straight, not having any help. My parents had other things to worry about and just worry about my education. So i guess that that's my story of how I actually overcome bullying and why I want to help out other people who is being bullying.


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