Been bullied ... Still do


umm I'm 17, going to be 18, and I'm a senior in High school.

Im a nice guy always treat people with respect and polite. Since 6th grade, my first year of middle school, I guess is when I first started getting bullied,and throughout the years from then to now it has not been physical bullying that occurs its more verbal and other things, in 6th grade me being Hispanic ,but darker skin, started to get made fun of it. (example: at night floating tv and that I'm so dark it was me startling tv. etc....). Now thinking about it it happened once in 2nd grade I believe, that one person would call me "Black Barbie " and I obviously did not like that, the only way it stopped was because my brother found out, aEd told which got him expelled I think. (Props to a school that actually took charge and handled it). And now back to 6th grade when it started, so I would be called names and at first I didn't mined it let it go but things continued on like this my entire middle school years. Once I got into high school I wasn't really made fun of anymore just know and then but I was ok I wouldn't consider it as bullying, and to this day I don't, but starting high school I met anew friends, and how every friend always miss with each other and call each other names it seemed normal, (I mean I'm a shy guy Im a nice person I don't like to bring other people down.. Etc. my one question here is "why do people do this? As a kid growing up you get taught respect people, to treat people the way you want to be treated. And even though you do so people still treat you bad.)  so last year, junior year my little group of friends got someone else, and at first it was ok, but he ended up making fun of me more and more he escalated to the point were he started to photoshop pictures of me, just to make fun, and I do t like it at all he says that "I don't know how to take a little joke." if that's so why have I been taking it for 6 years, and it would be a joke if he did it now and then, but No! He does it all the time he's photoshopped lets say like 20(+?) pictures of me and some on a gorilla or monkey body and it bothers me. And he even calls me a bitch and a girl. And I hate it! Just because I don't want to go down to his level,to make fun of someone just because and hurt them,( and I know I'm still a teenager in high school, and yes I have made fun of... Etc., but when I do I feel bad, I also apologize because I do t like to do it.) and ever since that new friend even my old friends started to act more ... I don't know the word  (Act more like bullies to me) and it really REALLY annoys me. And what I've noticed they act like that only as a group when it's just lime 1and1 with them they act like my friend they're cool I guess. So I know that it's all because of him the new friend of ours, I don't understand why they do it,(before he became friends with him we were perfectly fine without trying to make fun of me every sec. And now I just do t know.) because even when he doesn't go to school, you can tell its different they act more like friends and don't if any make fu. Of me. 

I mean this kid that makes fun of me is a bully, but can also be called a sticker in a way. (Let me explain.)

ok so every bully makes fun of you right. And know and then makes fun of you family in a way I guess. (Like saying your mom jokes) but no! 

This kid honestly takes it to far!!! And I'm pretty sure you'll agree. 

he takes it a step further by, first started of by getting my home phone number and he called/prank called a couple times, but then he got my parents names, and know when ever he talks about them he,and now my friends to, refer to them mostly my mom I with there first name,(and I guess they find my moms first name funny ) and I take this as disrespectful and I don't like it at all, then he later even got the phone number of my dads work and called a couple times there(pretending to be a cop or or teacher and say that I was in trouble and my dad being the one who runs the business has gotten mad about it. And even now he doesn't just make fun of me now, he makes fun of me,my brother, my mom and my dad. And he's never even met any of them , and it just ANNOYS the hell out of me. He's even know found out you some of my cousins are and says things about them.  

i mean yes there's that average bully but then there's someone like him! 

I mean you would actually do everything that he does? To find out personal information were my parents work, my family members ... Etc. I just don't get it.(to dedicate a part of your life to this) 

i just don't understand I mean he's a smart kid, he went to catholic school until he went to high school for crying out loud, you'd expect a more polite, respectful person but he seems to be the opposite. To add in I'm also gay, but not openly gay, so no one knows, but I don't know what would happen if he found out. He'd probably ruin my life.

ive never done anything to him, I don't make fun of him like other people do but he still acts like that, it's just not gator that there's people like this in the world.

im looking forward to graduating to, in a way, start over meet more people and forget about him.

While that's my story I guess hopefully it makes sense. That I said it right. 


And if your reading this, 

thanks for spending your time to read this.

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