Becoming Stronger

I'm a 20 year old college student - past the age of general immaturity. I was bullied in elementary school by two different people. One was girl who simply did not like me for no reason. She gave me a hard time, stealing pencils and giving me dirty looks. The other was a boy who had some sort of psychological issue going on. He would push me around in line, tell me that I needed to go to a mental hospital. He would use a lot of psychology terms since his parents were psychologists. He would tell me that my parents (two women) were wrong and disturbed. Once we got into middle school, I met my now best friend of over 7 years in Band class. We ended up having Latin together and the boy started throwing paper wads at us and calling us names. It bothered me that he brought in my new friend that I ended up telling him to leave her alone. After 3 years of being bullied by him, I stood up and it felt good. 

In high school, a girl younger than me tried to "be nice" but, ended up saying cruel things. It got so bad that, one day she took a black pastel and marked over the folder I used for art projects that I had taken the time to sketch flowers on. I told my art teacher and all she did was move me to another side of the room. The bullying stopped for awhile but, then she began coming over to where I was and where the supplies were to "play with my hair because it was pretty". I would tell her to stop but she wouldn't. Eventually she was taken out of my school and put into a school for kids who were troubled. By the time she came back, it was almost time for my senior graduation.

It's been four years since then and I've finally moved past it. Yes, I still do remember all of it but, I no longer let it affect me. I no longer think that I deserve to be treated they way they did. I'm a stronger person now and do not put up with any sort of bullying, in person or cyber. Online, I'll be called a "bitch" if I don't take it. Though, I've gotten to a place where I'd rather be called that knowing that I stood up for myself and shut the bully down then to be crying at night.

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