Be Strong. Be You. Be Beautiful. Speak Up.

I always imagined my life to be something spectacular, i imagined that i'd be one of those people in this world that would make a change, and be someone of significance. When my parents divorced and i was 3 years old, i began to feel less important. In prep at age 5, i was bullied because i was different. I was never included in anything, and i was left out of it all. It was in prep at primary (elementary) school, that i was taught the term "bullying"... it was described to us that bullying was when violence was used either mentally, physically or verbally on a reoccurring basis. I automatically assumed that this "bully" had to be someone around the same age as myself. It was when i was abused by my father that i also realised that a bully could actually take form in someone who was close to us. Although being physically, mentally and verbally abused hurt me, i saw my escape to be the schoolgrounds, it was not until grade 5 that i was not only bullied at home, but bullied at school, by not only my fellow peers, but also my teachers and principal. This bullying then shaped my life, i was now totally numb to being bullied and started to accept the fact that this would just be my life, and that i would have to get over it. In year 7, i was again bullied, by some buys in the year above me, these boys would stalk and follow me around the school, throw things at me, call out names and push me into my locker when they would walk past. I had such a hard time with these boys that i pretended i was sick so that i wouldn't have to go to school and face them. Eventually it got to be too much and i told the teachers, the teachers stopped these boys from calling out things, and i moved states. When i moved states i was yet again, you guessed it, bullied. People made facebook pages about me, and talked about me all the time due to the simple fact that i wore makeup. I attempted suicide 5 times before i realised that these bullies weren't worth it. These people that had caused me so much pain, shouldnt be given the satisfaction of seeing me leave this world while they were still a part of it. I came to realise that i was worth more than they ever saw me to be. Since then i have worked so hard to take myself out of situations where i can be bullied. I have worked hard in school, I have left my dad, and i am finally Safe.

After watching the movie, "bully" i realised that so many other people are going through what i was. I realised that although i felt alone at the time, i was actually not alone, because so many others were facing the same problems and situations as me. I had no one to talk to, but in the end i pulled through and took a stand. If you ever get bullied, tell someone, let them know what is happening and be the person that you are, be the amazing person that you may not be able to see right now, but that everyone else sees in you. Speak Up, and dont be afraid to get help.

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