I was never a victim of physical harm. I was never hit, kicked, or attacked. The only harm inflicted upon me was done so by myself. 
Since 2nd grade, I've been avoided. I'm weird, I scare people, I'm the bug girl. I grew up never learning how to approach people, or make friends, or stand up for myself. Instead I just faded into the background and ignored people, isolated myself, stayed in my room after school instead of going out. I ignored the names, but they still hurt. I ignored the rumors, but still heard them. People would talk about me, even if I was right there, so I walked away. I didn't have support at home, so I turned to the internet. So at 12, I turned to a dating site to find support or acceptance, or even just someone to talk to. So at 13, the only people I hung out with were men 20-25, because the kids at school were betting on whether or not I had a penis. Because no matter what I did I never lived up to their standards, no matter how much I copied them, or did what they told me to. 

And now at 16, I'm still avoided and ignored, but I care less. I still don't know how to approach people and make friends, but I have no desire for friendship. But I will not tolerate any harm, either physical or emotional, being done to myself or anyone else. I will never allow my children to go through what I did, because I will be there for them, and I will teach them right and wrong. And if they ever have problems, I will never make them feel like they are at fault. Instead, I will sympathize. I will be a good listener, and I will do everything I can to help them. And I'm asking all of the parents out there to do the same. 

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