Autism, Bullying and a school that took a stand

My name is Angel Thompson.  I actually go around to schools every day and educate students and teachers about bullying and how they can stomp out bullying in their schools.  This year my son became a one of the statistics of the 160,000 students who were afraid to go to school.  He stayed home for two days and actually went with me one day to speak to a school and he spoke out about his experience.  Did I mention that my son also has Autism?   His Autism is not what defines him, however it has made him a target.

Being a parent I am my son's strongest advocate in every aspect of his life.   I took a stand and spoke with the school as well as the teachers.  I can honestly say that his school has been incredible with there zero tolerance when it comes to bullying.  JT is back in school and we still keep a very close eye on the bullying issue.

Anytime someone does something with the sole purpose of hurting is not "kidding" or "joking" is bullying.

I am thankful my son was able to tell me.  That the school was willing to listen.

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