Anonymous Love Update!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to say that I am beyond excited that my idea has inspired Post It campaigns on school lockers this past year, has inspired cities to declare ‘Positive Post-It” days, and that federal government offices have incorporated the policy into their workplaces.  I am also encouraged by the recent blitz by an Ottawa high school in January 2015!

Still, I remain true to the fundamental value of my initial idea - sticking it under the locker door and remaininganonymous.  

Let it be known, I do not condemn the public act of posting inspirational messages.  But, the high school students responding to a locker “Post-It” campaign may simply be doing it to “be like the others” and “fit in”.

I am adamant about the deep impact of “Anonymous Love” on the victim. A neon Post-It in fancy calligraphy on the outside of a high school locker may carry less impact on the victim than an authentically-crafted (and apologetically grammatically-incorrect) message that is inserted discreetly into the locker.   And, the impact may be reciprocal.  Without any expectation of “return”,  this truly “anonymous” demonstration proves you are not seeking reward for your goodwill but rather hoping genuinely to destabilize the insidious development of despair through the planting of a seed of faith and love.

I have hope and faith that you will continue to follow this lead.  Together, we can eliminate the effect of bullying on the victim and eradicate this epidemic in high schools, ONCE AND FOR ALL.



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