And no one cared to hear...

My town definitely has a bullying problem. They claimed "zero tolerance," but I was bullied from kindergarten through senior year. It was definitely the worst during middle school and junior high. Abuse ranged from physical to emotional, in person, behind my back, and online. I've been slammed into lockers, kicked in the face, given the url to my own hate website, and even publically boycotted; people said they wouldn't participate in gym if I was allowed to play. The school had the audacity to tell me that I was making it up...that there was no way it was that bad.

They didn't choose to listen...but now, I will.

I'm in college now, and SO happy that I didn't throw my life away at such a young age. IT GETS certainly doesn't help you now, but just keep your sights fixed on your bright future.

Keep your friends close; they can help you sruvive anything. If you don't think you have friends, that's a lie. You've got me; I know that any kid who gets bullied has something that someone is seriously jealous I know I'd want to be your friend. <3

Good luck out there, and remember "If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, then get a better mirror."

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