All Those Years

My name is Addison Howarth. When I was kid in the year 2000, bullying started for me at YMCA, whom had a program over at our school for kids who's parents wanted to keep them at school until they were able to pick them up. I was called mean names, the most popular being "One-eyed freak" and "Cyclops", kids were on their bikes circling around me talking trash to me, and I would just stand there frightened and nervous before other kids or the YMCA staff themselves would run over to stand up for me. And really, I had a couple of friends, but I was still a quiet kid.

Nothing really bad happened to me. This bullying was short-term. It all ended pretty quickly when other kids from the YMCA all stood up for me and the bullying kids drove off with their bikes scared, never to be picked on by them again.

Then comes along middle school. I wasn't the one being bullied, Another friend was. And he was always made fun of because of having one eyebrow and his voice. But really, if you got to know him.. he's actually a really cool guy especially with his amazing drawings. I'll never forget his drawings, he's such an artist! He was pushed around a lot and slammed up against the lockers a couple of times. But he was a strong kid, me and a couple of friends were always there for him and cheering him on with his drawings and just helping him stay cool. He had a lot of those depressed days and came to me and friends for help and we were there and ready to help him stand up against the bullies. And then out of nowhere.. High school came and we were separated in different schools and I haven't heard from him in a couple of years, until I made a facebook and added him! When I did, he told me he had all these friends and stood up to anyone trying to pick on him and he was such a brave person because of me and my other friends.

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