Algebra Readiness

I have been bullied ever since I had got into new classes for the second quarter. I was excited to see how it would turn out. Let's just say the first three days were ok then we got into our new seats I sat right next to this kid named Robert and then the person behind me his name was Hakiam it started out ok. They started to make fun of my name by saying Mic-ae-la, some people called me an over achiever because I'm like a nerd, they made fun of my hair, my cloths, how I dressed, my name, that I cant go on facebook/myspace/twitter/instergram, or that I'm not allowed to go on youtube, showing me things that I shouldn't see like inappropriate things, when I walk by people they hold their breaths as if I smelled bad, spreading rumors, that I'm sensitive, one time I went to the bathroom and they said cheater why did you cheat becauase after midterms the teacher said that we could use our phones right after I . Everyday I'm in that class I end up outside the classroom crying riting this I'm watching Bully. 

Micaela Andreotti



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