Advicate for my Son.

I am a mother of three children, two girls 16 and 14 and one son 13. My children have been bullied in School before. My son was in Pre-K and the Principal shattered one of his fingers when she used a Patel on him, though I could not prove it. When my disabled daughter was in 1st grade she was pushed off of the school bus by the bus driver (Preacher) The DA would not file on it. The story about my son I am fixing to share is from the week before this past Christmas break. So I do not have to retype all of it, I am just going to re share the story I had already typed.


My son started getting bullied by a new kid at his school last week during a class Christmas project. He is ADHD and not on his meds at the moment, so there was a few things he left out when telling me the boy was making it difficult to do ...his work. He did not tell the teacher because the boy told him he would tell the teacher he was cursing at him. So my son just tried his best to ignore it. I did not know this tell yesterday. Well last Friday the boy attacked my son at lunch in front of the entire 7th gr. This boy left 3 claw marks on my sons upper back, by his neck.  The boy was suspended. But when the Assistant Principal was questioning my child she did not allow him to calm down and just take a breath. When he told her what had happened she told him that she did not believe that he was not a part of what happened. Even though she was told by another student that he was not. My son was confused upset and a little in shock. He is a tough kid but has never been in a fight and does not like to fight. I'm proud. I went up to the school and after talking to the AP, I asked to see my son. He was in tears and very upset. I tried calming him down and asked him to tell me what happened. He told me the same things he told the AP but was so upset that he forgot to tell her that the boy threatened to kill him. Right infront of me she said now you did not tell me that the first time. Then insisted on telling him the other boy felt bullied by my child and was upset as well. Well of course he was going to say that. He is a bully and attacked my child for no reason. My son never gets into trouble and is never been to the principals office tell recently over this matter. The AP gave my son 3 days ISD witch I fought and won on. My son along with two other boys one being the boy who attacked my son worked all week on this project, that they started last Tuesday. Well I did not make my son go to school this past Monday/ his first day of ISD because I went to the school and fought it. I let him go back on Tuesday. He has this class 4th hour but went in at 3rd hour to ask about the remaining boy and the project. The teacher informed my son that he was no longer a part of the project. So he walked out of her class. He had to sit to the side while the remaining boy presented the project. I emailed the teacher today asking why my son was exempt from the project and why he would be receiving a Zero. She replied back saying that she asked my son what part he had in the project and that he told her nothing. And that she WAS going to be grading him on performance/what all he did to help. I then replied back that I know he would not of told her this for he was very upset about her pulling him from the project because he had been excited about it all week and could not wait to help present it. She then told me she did not exempt him, but yes she did because he had to sit out yesterday and did not get to help present. My son never tells about bullying to a teacher and I now know why. Today in his 2nd hour another student was videoing my child and so my child for once went to the teacher and he was told not to make false accusations. My child has been treated so poorly and now he is begging me not to send him back. 
I have emailed both Teachers about the situations, but are not complying. I have also talked with the Principal and he is backing up both Teachers. I have asked to sign my child out of this School and the Principal has agreed, but I'm still in the process of trying to find him a new School. My son is a great kid. Tries his best to get along with others and make friends. He does not bully others and has the biggest heart. I have tried getting support from family and friends and though I have a few supporters, It is not very many.  

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