Action is everything

Although i have only been bullied a few times in my life, I have seen it 1st hand happening to other students around me. It gave me a sicking feeling and I could never figure out why we just cant accept different people. 

The few times that I have been bullied It was based apon my Race. Even though I am White did not exclude me from being bullied because of my race. PE class I would be called names in Spanish because i stood up for myself when they challenged me to fight them and walked away. Also, because of how me and my girls that where friends close, we would hold hands and were considered the "weird" group in the class. But none of us cared, we carried on with our daily lives having fun being BFFL's, till they started threatening us. I ended up alerting my PE teacher to the threats and my parents as well. I was shocked how long it took my schools staff to act on the bullying. It took my parents many emails and phone calls till they finally said "if anything happens to me that they will be held responsible because they have known about what was going on but never did anything about it."I could not believe that it took my parents threatening the school board to have then remove the girls from our class to try and solve the issue.

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