A teacher bullied for protecting children


My name is Juliet Hibbs.  I live in South Florida and I am the teacher that was accused of possibly contributing to a students homosexuality.  I reported cyber bullying to that student from her step father on twitter about her sexual orientation a week before these allegations were made.  My principal, Jon Marlow is a bully and has done this many times.  I did not go public with my own story until student safety was an issue.  I reported bullying and nothing.  A student reported MANY threats from her  ex boyfriend to her via text message and an assistant principal told her it was her fault for being so bad about the break up.  So I gave her directions in writing signed by me...about how to report and finally call 911 and report her life being threatened on this campus and no one will help me.  They took a little action.  I had a student sexually assaulted and it was covered up and the victim was bullied out of school.  Please take a look at my youtube channel.  I and others have been speaking before the board for a year.  The channel is Hibbsforchange.  These are just a few stories.  I need help to break through the politics and get REAL action.  Broward county School prides itself on their antibullying policies  5.9 but so nothing to stop anything.  

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