A Decade Of No Change

  I was bullied for 7 years by the same group of girls. The leader of the group was "Icky" Vicky, and I can remember almost every cruel thing she ever did to me, and the way she rallied all the kids to join in. I was continuously told "Just ignore them." That didn't work, and it never will. I am now 21 years old, so to see that the amount of bullying is just as bad, if not worse, is proof that these methods don't work.
  I only found out a year ago that my mom had told the school social worker she was worried that if nothing changed I would grow up to be a very angry person. When she told me this, I instantly cried, because that's exactly what happened. I've grown so cynical of the world around me. Every ounce of innocence was pushed out of me, before I even had the chance to enjoy my youth.
  The day I stood up to her was the day I lost my tolerance. I shot below the belt, pointing out her terrible home life, and her pathetic nature in targeting innocent people. Sure, it worked, but why did I have to be harassed for 7 years? Why did I have to get SO angry that I even wished death upon another person? Why was nothing done before this point? This is what needs to be changed.
  We are enabling the disintegration of our youth's innocence, and generations of children are either growing up vicious, or angry. The abusers and the abused. The rest of my life has been effected by those haunting years, and we cannot allow another child to grow up as angry at the world as I did. Let them see justice. Let them feel joy. I wish that I could.

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