A child who moves a lot

Well I've also been different among others here who have typed their own story. It all started in Carver, mn when i moved to a new neighborhood, this was our 2nd or 3rd time moving. I was around 6 or 7, and i became friends with people across the street, who later teased me. For being ugly, weird, they pretended to like me, they lied to me all the time. I don't remember being bullied at school, because i was only there for 3 years, but this one girl always stalked me. So, I moved. St cloud, mn. I was entering 4th grade, and it seemed okay for a while but it took a turn. Suddenly, i was the out cast. No one seemed to come around me, or pick me for sports. Everytime we played a game and this was around my house, if i was it they didn't want to play anymore. They looked at me like i was a freak, or there was something wrong with me. It got to the point where i didn't care what i looked like anymore. I didn't brush my hair, or teeth. I isolated myself. Sometimes, if my 3 friends werent there, i was all alone. crying, helpless in the lunch room and the play ground. Then, i was about to go into 5th, it was probably the last couple months of 4th grade, i sent a love letter to one of my friends who lived near me. Everyone found out about it. I was teased for about a week. Sometimes i faked being sick, just to not go. I'm surprised i got into junior high. This was out of school but, i was at my friends house, and her brother started to call me names like 'cry baby' or 'pussy' and hit me. I wasn't doing anything to him, all i remember is me racing home and crying. Go forward until the age of 11 or 12. My family meets this other family that are breeders, and we become friends. one of there sons who was a year younger than myself, started to hit me as well. It's not like i did anything, i was following him and boom. got teased and hit. He still does it even though im 16 and hes 15. He tells his parents things that arent true, and lies about me. his 2 sisters are my friends, and the rest of his family is fine, but they have a nurse. For their youngest daughter who is disabled. She thought she saw something about me having an affair and i didnt. they believed her. the same guy, the 15 year old, said lies beyond belief about me after that. That i purged, lying about i left this or that on, or i broke that and mentally teasing me about everything.  

It's worse that his parents believe every single word the boy is saying.

I have been sexually abused, mentally and physically abused. None of this was done by my parents, and they didn't like it that i go through this. I'm just a 16 year old girl, i even got an eating disorder now. I pray for this bullying to stop for me and everyone else.

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