"You don't have to stand tall, but you have to stand up."

My mom always told us "You don't have to stand tall, but you have to stand up" It meant don't start a fight, but if someone puts there hands on you, stand up.                       

I had people bully me in school. I would ignore them as a first stage, then sarcasm and being a smart-ass. I never hit anyone that did not put their hand on me first. Being anti-social helped half of the time because when you are anti-social, you don't give a crap what some random person thinks. A little harder when people laughed when I red words wrong. I learned later that I was dyslexic.                 

When I was in high school freshmen year I would get made fun of by someone cause of the music I listen too. I ignored it until he started doing it in class. I got up yelled and curse. I didn't even care that the principal walked in to hear me.  He pulled me out of class to ask what went on and I told him. I said that I wasn't going to put up with it, I don't care if I get kicked out of school some day. I didn't get in troubled, the boy did. I had some other issue with him and each time I got loud, verbally fought back, threw a chair in the classroom (not at anyone, but I was angry) He backed off later.                                                                

Sophomore year there was a guy 'Tom' that thorough out the year passed by a yelled in my ear, threw torn up paper in my face, and squeezed juice on me. Each time on was on my way to a class and was caught off guard. I would turn to see his face. My junior year Tom passed by to poked me. I said to myself fuck this, and went to the Principal and told him I need to see the year book from last year I.D the guy. He gave me the book and a found his name. I told the Principal what he was doing and if he could get it to stop, I would even If I got me kicked out. The principle said he would get to the bottom of it. I was never bothered again.                                                                         

People fear standing up for themselves because they think they will get beatup, but if some is already hitting you then why not hit back. Even if you lose, people will know you are not just going to let it happen. It was a risk I took to protect myself. I don't regret STANDING UP for myself  

-sign Alexandria DeJesus age 23.

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