Had grown up in some different schools (due to being in a military family and then due to my educational needs as a deaf student), I had encountered bullying from late elementary years to high school.  Some bullies, I knew. Some bullies, I didn't know.  You see, I grew up with some bullies; our parents thought we should be friends. Some parents couldn't (or didn't want to) accept that I didn't want to hang out with their kids, "you're overreacting- she's not mean. You misunderstand her."  Some bullies, I didn't know, they broke into my locker, stealing stuff. Shoving me aside during class changes.   Even with one broken leg and using crutches, one attempted to shove me down the stairs as if that wasn't enough!  All because I was and am an introvert, pretty much. I'd rather read than hang out with people (and who'd want to hang out with kids who'd pick on me?)

That was 30 years ago.   Recently, a person tried to befriend me on Facebook, and she was a bully I had dealt with in middle school for 3 years.   I accepted her reluctantly, but with small hope that perhaps I could get if not an apology, but acknowledgement of what she had done.     Unfortunately, that was not to happen.  

I realized then that only I can choose to move on.  I started advocating for bullying awareness, looking for red flags of bullies, and symptoms of bullying, especially that now that I'm a therapist.  I also learned that bullying can be one of many signs, including family violence and witnessing domestic violence. So I'm also an advocate for victims/survivors of domestic violence.  

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