5 year old Bullies

My 5 year old entered her first year of school. We live in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood. So my Light Skinned blue/green eyed blonde hair daughter stuck out like a sore thumb she was literally the only White child in her school.

She was Picked on Daily at recess saying how She could not play with other children because they said  she was different and told her to go away. A few boys told her she looked like a boy and was ugly because she had hair on her arms. Other Little girls would take Mulch and poke her with it, tell her "your not our friend "

My Once Happy Go lucky Loved everyone who was so excited to start school at the beginning of the year was coming home Asking Me  to Shave her arms because only boys have hairy arms and when i refused she tried to pull them out herself! Then always thinking she was ugly because thats what she was being told daily. Begging me to keep her home from school, Crying her eyes out every morning because I sent her anyways.

I had talks with the teacher about what was going on. She told me " well if She does not tell me this is going on i cant handle it " My daughter was scared that she would be yelled at by her teacher to even tell her. And my daughter said there was times she did go to tell her teacher but she was to busy talking to another teacher to pay any attention to her or yell at her for interrupting a conversation. What kind of message does that send our kids? Fend for themselves to just Deal with it.

One conversation the teacher had said to me " well i told her to ignore them and play somewhere else away from them " So my Daughter is supposed to just suck it up basically and go play by herself and be singled out while other kids bad behavior is going unpunished. That is not right in my opinion. No Child deserves to be bullied or pushed aside.

Since school has been out My daughter is STILL effected by the things that happened at school. She's always moody she is now mean to her siblings. This needs to stop its a never ending Cycle the bullied end up becoming the bully Because the bullies go unpunished while the Victims get pushed aside or yelled at for complaining/tattling. The schools need to step up against bullying or at least make a better effort to do something.  

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