5 and now

when I was in fifth grade my doctor told me I was loosing my hair. they told me there was no cure and what I had was autoimmune disorder, or something like that. its where I lose all of my hair. if I lose all of it I wont get it back. if I don't and get it back and can happen later in life. people started a roomer around school that I was bold and a slut for no reason. they would come up to me and say stuff like your losing your hair because u date so many people. sort of things like that. it hurt, the thing that stung worse was my friends and her mom did. they didn't know, no one did. I told my teacher that I needed to tell the class. so I did people never said sorry, but they stopped. -5th

today I was at lunch and I went to sit down with one of my friends Maddie. that was one on the last seats in the lunch room. I went to sit down and she wouldn't let me. so I said I feel hated, and walked away. then I pulled up a chair to people that don't even like me. then I turned around and she was looking at me so I just rolled my eyes, I dint know what to do. I just want to leave Maddie alone and not be friends. -now

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